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“I wanted an IEP who took the extra steps to be sure that the causes and conditions in my home that were giving me health issues were taken not only seriously but also very thoughtfully. Brandon went the extra mile to not only test multiple different ways and inspect thoroughly but also to answer all of my questions with great detail and patience. You are in good hands with Brandon and his team.”

SHARANE DORRH • 3/10/2021

“Brandon was an outstanding teacher. Very professional and prepared me not only for my AMRT test but real life scenarios in the workforce. His class was enjoyable and informative.”

NATHAN NEWMAN • 8/22/2021

“I attended a workshop with Brandon White and I think this guy is very professional. He was always on time, he explained very well everything he had for us, took care of the participants attending the class and has a very good sense of humor. I wouldn’t think twice to go again to another workshop/class facilitated by him. It is very noticeable that he knows what he talks about it! He is in the business. He is not a book guy! Last but not least, he was always looking very well which is -according to my point of view- very professional! Thanks, Brandon. It was a great experience learning from a guy like you, man!”



EFCI’s team is composed of highly trained and educated employees including PhD, Masters, and Bachelorette degreed scientist and industrial hygienists.

Our employees have OSHA, EPA, and IICRC certifications.

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